SPOKENEST: We M●ve: 12”

May 08, 2013

At some point, you gotta take responsibility for yourself, your actions. That’s why, no matter how shitty someone is, punk cops and scene police will fight endless battles without a decisive victory. In a subworld that touts freewill, dickheadery and assholeishness are always on the table. There will always be racists, misogynists, and classists in punk. How to rise above? How to set a moral and musical compass? It’s fucking up to you. All of it. Who you align with. Who you celebrate with. Frontload that shit. Be your own ultimate boss. Those standing next to you are your friends. Those standing next to you for a long time are your extended family. There are righteous people out there making honest, great, unadulterated, authentic music. Flocks of ‘em. No, it’s not easy. Much of it is hidden, coded, protective. If it wasn’t, all of it would be broadcast and timeshared by both millionaires and “social entrepreneurs” alike. With Spokenest, I’m talking of people walking the walk over the broken neon dreams of weak-willed people with dollar signs wogga-wogga-wogga-ing in their eyes. If it doesn’t mean anything to you today, there’s the fucking door. We’ll celebrate without you. Spokenest is Daryl and Adrian of God Equals Genocide. They fit in that cosmology of dynamite male/female duos. Evens. Shellshag. Street Eaters. They’re as much birth-of-L.A.-punk—Dils, especially—as “fringe-wonderfully-becomes-center-in-twenty-years” punk of the Big Boys and Minutemen. This review has more words than this entire record, yet the record has volumes more to say. Recommended without reservation.

 –todd (Self-released)