SPOKENEST: We M●ve: 12”

Sep 19, 2013

The don’t-give-a-fuck attitude represented in Spokenest’s lyrics is nothing if not a wonderful antithesis to the supertight, “funk as punk” crafting of their music. Daryl plays jangly riffs circa 1990s Washington D.C., and Adrian is easily my new favorite drummer, all over the fucking place with a chaos and grace reminiscent of Keith Moon. I was turned on to their previous project, God Equals Genocide, just as they were downsizing by thirty-three percent and reforming as Spokenest. I remember putting on their Rattled Minds LP and thinking, “Shit! I wish I could form a band and open for these kids.” Sadly, I missed that window. I am just grateful that Spokenest is around, carrying it on and carrying it as well as they are.

 –John Mule (Self-released, spokenest.bandcamp.com)