SPOILS, THE: Have a Drink with: CD

Mar 22, 2016

The Spoils are a band that I had heard of for a while, but hadn’t actually heard. I knew a couple mutual friends had started a surf rock band here in Austin, but surf rock was never really my thing, so I never checked ‘em out. So honestly, when I got a copy of this to review I was a bit skeptical if I would like it. Well, I was completely wrong… this is really cool! Ex-members of J-Church and The Smears have some involvement, although this sounds absolutely nothing like either. The eight songs on this CD are what the band refers to as, “noisy, surf-inspired instrumentals.” Honestly, I would say that these songs are sitting more on the “rock” side of the fence than the “surf” side, but they’re all absolutely drenched in surfy reverb so the surf influence is definitely still there. And they are noisy, adding to the list of what makes this CD really… listenable. Good stuff. 

 –Mark Twistworthy (Deep Eddy, deepeddy.net)

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