SPOILERS, THE: Under the Knife: CD

Jul 13, 2006

The Spoilers are one of my favorite bands, not just because they write catchy songs and play them with joyful aggression. And not just because the lead singer reminds me of one of my other favorites, Kitty Kowalski, in that sort of tough girl with brains kind of way. It’s also not just because the interplay of the bass and the guitars is somehow fluid and muscular, tough and melodic; or that the drumming is so furiously fast that it’s hard to imagine that it’s being played by the diminutive Cindy Lou Spoiler. The real reason The Spoilers are one of my favorite bands is their defiant optimism, their refusal to knuckle under to the ugliness and stupidity that fills our world. The Spoilers sing songs about being “alright” even when “your parents don’t know,” about “Groupie Whores” who make it hard for other girls to be taken seriously; about wondering why a friend who committed suicide didn’t want to “live for one more fucking day.” The Spoilers are not optimistic in the rose-colored glasses sort of Pollyanna way. They are fully aware of just what a shitty world this is, but refuse to give in, refuse to be defined by that shittiness, and repeatedly declare their determination to stay true to themselves despite it all. This is not light-hearted feel good music—but it will make you feel good. And it’s not mindless party music, although you could certainly dance to it (if you’re in good shape, that is—this shit is FAST). It is good old rock’n’roll, played at a break-neck speed. Like I said, The Spoilers are one of my favorite bands, and this is one of my favorite CDs to come out in some time.

 –brian (www.thespoilers.net)

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