SPLAT: Self-titled: 7”

Jan 13, 2016

Rust Belt dumbpunk for fans of the first Wax Museums LP, Clerks, and that feeling when you meet a new person at a party and are able to share your wildest drinking stories with someone who’s never heard them before. It’s not so much an exchange of ideas, but an enjoyable display of degenerate behavior. Rich in flaws and filthy in fun-esque-ness. My only real problem is the lack of detail in the referencing of the Germs’ back cover art. And it wouldn’t be too big of a deal, except This Moment In Black History (who hail from the same locale as Splat) did a spot-on job with their It Takes a Nation… LP. Perhaps it’s the unconscious at work, and not a reference at all?

 –Daryl Gussin (Saucepan, [email protected])