SPITTING TEETH: Legacy of Cruciality: EP

Aug 10, 2009

I’m generally pretty happy about the bandana thrash revival. It’s super to hear bands like What Happens Next? and Life’s Halt tear it up old style, but this record begs the question: how soon ‘til it’s played as fuck? The music part’s mostly fine (though they’re playing a little fast to squeeze much power out of a couple of the numbers) but, out of eight songs, TWO are about straightedge, and the embarrassingly-titled “Million Man Mosh” is about circlepitting. I mean, if they’re joking, I gotta say it’s been done. And if they’re serious – well, it just goes to show you don’t have to be drunk to be dumb.

 –doug ($4 ppd;1-2-3-4 GO!!! Records)

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