SPITTING COBRAS: Idle b/w Tickin: 7"

Jun 29, 2007

Two songs from a Brooklyn three-piece. Sounds like a mix of AC/DC and the Hunches, though these songs are more lackluster and tepid than that suggests. The band seems to be going for a straight-up garage rock approach, but tempering it here and there with the odd section of sonic fuckery or call-and-response interplay in the vocal department. Both songs are mid-tempo, and while they’re okay, it seems like the Spitting Cobras need to decide if they want to shoot for the genitalia-swinging sex-and-drugs rock approach (see: AC/DC) or all-out garage-noise spasticness (see: the Hunches). Otherwise they’re just toeing the line between the two, and the result is pretty forgettable.

 –keith (Wrecked Em)