SPITS, THE: Erste Deutche Original Aufnahme!: 12”

The Spits are one of those bands that never do what you expect (unless you expect them to self title each new LP, I suppose). Weird costumes. Weird show antics. A goddamn children’s book and record set! Well, in honor of their current European tour, they’ve done it again. Four classic Spits songs sung in German by none other than King Kahn. Let’s just say that the music of The Spits lends itself very well to being sung in German. Perfectly, in fact. You might ask yourself ,”That sounds like a great seven inch,” but you’d be wrong because it’s a twelve inch—a beautiful red and black splatter slab housed in an amazing gatefold sleeve. Overkill you say? That’s The Spits alright.

 –ty (Red Lounge)