SPITS, THE: 2006 European Tour: LP

Feb 15, 2007

You know The Spits, right? One of their songs plays every time you crack open a PBR. Spits next stop: Rock Hall of Fame, fuckers. Live albums seem more for Frampton and Kiss, so doesn’t it make sense that The Spits would follow those two? Spits already got stage dancers (fat guys) and explosions (bottle rockets) so a live album had to be coming. Live albums have a band’s best songs (all the Spits songs are good) and the band is playing their best since they’re on tour (at one point, they ask Sean if he remembers “Remote Control” at all, the song they’ve been playing since 1995). I love all the Spits stuff so it’s easy to like this, a quick collection of their sour gum punk from live shows and a six-song stint on WMFU. Also includes three live KBD cover songs from The Kids, Black Easter and Crap Detectors, for that “this is still a new album” feel, like when Kiss had that fourth side of Alive II. Recording is pretty darn good for live (bar) sound, and the WMFU recording is great! –Fast, tight, clean. I think this is already out of print, unless you find a Spit.

 –mike (P. Trash )