SPIRIT OF DANGER: Self-titled: 7″

Four songs featuring heavily distorted guitars and vocals with loads of echo. There is a hint of grunge or ‘90s Alternative Tentacles to the song structures and sound. “Rats and Trash” is the most driving on the record. I would like that song except that it has an intro. The song moves and shakes. The intro loses me. But I’m not big on intros, so I may be out of my element. “Broke and Alone” is a simpler song that starts in high gear. It’s about a guy named “Johnny.” That appeals to me on some level. If you can’t learn anything from a story about a guy named Johnny in a rock and roll song, then you’re missing out on life lessons. These guys keep the energy up, but it’s not my thing.

 –Billups Allen (spiritofdanger.bandcamp.com)