SPIRES: Flowers and Fireworks: LP

Jul 03, 2009

Like some post-rock, metal (to a point), and screamo, it must be done well for me to care at all. That said, though I would call this a screamo album overall, there is enough variance on that theme with the post-rock and metal bits to keep Flowers interesting. In fact, it seems that Spires owe more to bands like Explosions In The Sky than any band from the screamo genre. Spires earlier work was more grinding metalcore than anything else; much of that is abandoned on this album for a more melodic screamo bent. The weakest part of this album comes from the group vocals. They aren’t often, which is nice, but one of the few instances in which they do occur, they are rather off-putting. The music settles to a calm point. It seems as though the vocalist is about to make a confession or breakdown into a mania—something that expresses solitude and loneliness—but instead come these other voices joining him, which seem inconsistent with what is actually at hand. Let those who feel the same join in live, but the album is for the band. Still, it’s not enough to detract from the album’s overall worth. Pretty all right.

 –Vincent (Hive, Inkblot, no address)