SPIRAL: Mind Trip in A Minor: CD

It can be rather cool when a musical work can evoke a sense of time or place. I suspect the fellows in Spiral were well aware of this when making this disc. Mind Trip in A Minor plays like a musical triptych taking the listener through a quasi-psychedelic voyage through the desert of the mind. The whole thing plays like a concept album of sorts. The tracks are listed as parts one through nine as opposed to just song numbers. If you ever saw Oliver Stone’s The Doors, there was a scene of the Doors wandering around the desert tripping out on psychedelics. This disc feels like the musical equivalent of that scene. As far as the music itself goes, the nine parts tend to be fairly passive affairs with hints of metallic guitar work weaved in for good measure. I personally found the atmospheric, instrumental tracks to be more enjoyable than the ones featuring vocals. All in all, not too bad if you dig soundtracks and psychedelic stuff.

 –Garrett Barnwell (Spiral, thespiral.bandcamp.com)