SPIDDER #17: 8 ½” x 5 ½”, copied, 20 pgs.

Feb 02, 2015

Within a nice homey design of cut ‘n’ paste and comic illustration are some personal stories and writing from an old school (as in ‘80s old school) skater. He covers a vast range of topics, like friends who tried to recruit him into a quixotic hunting down of William S. Burroughs and Hasil Adkins and coming back with more than enviable results. Most of the pieces end up coming back around to skating, not just because it’s his favorite thing but also because he uses it as an existential and philosophical theme. The author has a deep connection to the sport in a zen sort of way, making for a deep and thoughtful read. A must read for skaters. Recommended for everyone else. –Craven Rock (Jamie, 1925 Hwy. 69 S, Savannah, TN 38372)