SPENT FLESH: Self-titled: 10”

Blur/blender hardcore with a heritage that owes tips of the hat to Spazz and is in a contemporary league with Brain F≠ and Rose Cross. This may be exhibiting how dumb I am, but when I first heard “electro-hardcore” over fifteen years ago, I was thinking of Spent Flesh, not Atari Teenage Riot. Spent Flesh is way more punk than hyperventilating techno. It doesn’t hurt that the band’s punk-informed up the wazoo: snippet odes to several Bad Brains riffs, wig-flipping nods to Hüsker Dü in the lyrics, locked grooves at the end of each side. Is it possible to simultaneously move the clock backwards and forwards? Does that fuck up the time-space continuum, like in those Back to the Future movies? One can only hope. Spent Flesh is the hovering skateboards of hardcore and simultaneously the white-light pain one feels after falling ten feet directly onto concrete.

 –todd (P.Trash, ptrashrecords.com / FDH / Sit And Spin)