Hell yeah, there’s some zany songs here but it was all I could do to keep from just moving the needle back to the tune “Girl Crazy” over and over again. The ending of said tune goes, “You’re girl crazy” and then some funny voice says, “hit the clinic.” It’s definitely a must-hear track. For a song that’s about a minute and a half long, it had me smiling twice as long after I listened to it. This entire 7” is just one concept album of love songs that seem transported straight from the ‘60s. Spencey Dude & The Doodles sound a lot like The Troggs with every thing from their production aesthetics, reverb, and harmonies. “Flirting,” is about a man who gave his girl a quarter to stay in the bar and play the jukebox instead of going out and flirting with the guys. Annamal Doodle’s female back up vocals really add a nice touch. This is just one fun and funny EP here.

 –N.L. Dewart (Rob’s House, robshouserecords.com)