SPEEDBUGGY USA: The City That God Forgot: CD

Jul 13, 2006

Speedbuggy, once one of L.A.’s preeminent cowpunk bands, have transcended to successful alt country on this, their seventh full-length album. Infusing Bakersfield country, Delta blues, zydeco and brass band with non sequitur raucous Pogues irreverence and dreamy Mazzy Star-like instrumentations, Speedbuggy creates a mature and heterogeneous album. Heartfelt, sincere and overall upbeat, parts of this mellifluous album reflect the sadness and loss felt by survivors of Hurricane Katrina, which deeply affected the band. All profits from this album’s sales are being donated to Habitat for Humanity’s Katrina Relief Fund. Art, writing and other services were donated to the band to produce this album for charity.

 â€“thiringer (Split 7)