SPECK MOUNTAIN: Some Sweet Relief : CD

Jun 08, 2009

Ugh, lord. I’m unsure of who the right reviewer for this would be, but it sure ain’t me. Really, really boring songs that meander forever and remind me of the worst that 120 Minutes used to throw at us. You know, the crap that you’d patiently wade through so that you could see some Superchunk or MTX videos. I mean, stuff like OnDemand and Tivo weren’t invented yet, and if you had the Internet, your connection was too slow to do much with it. So you had to hear crap like this sometimes. Luckily, now you don’t, unless you’re unlucky enough to be reviewing it or you happen to enjoy really slow, long songs that don’t go anywhere. If you do, this is for you!

 –Ryan Horky (Carrot Top)

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