SPECIOUS SPECIES #4: 5 ½” x 8”, $7, 178 pgs.

Nov 22, 2011

It’s been a bit since I’ve seen this. Glad to get it. This recent issue is a huge progression over the early editions. Not that those were bad. But this issue is top to bottom improvements. First off, this publication is now perfect bound, offset printed, interviewees are interesting, etc., etc. This issue is based around "environment," with the idea that it goes beyond animal habitat. It also includes urban dwelling and the issues it faces. This is most prevalent in the discussions with Dominik Mosur from San Francisco’s RandallMuseum, Gray Brechin, author of Imperial San Francisco, Sam Bake from the Never Cry Wolf sanctuary, as well as the article by Julian Martin on mountain top removal. For me, the most interesting section in this issue was titled "Environments," from editor Joe Donohoe. Other interviews include Aaron Cometbus (this one had me stoked for a good week), Jello Biafra, V.Vale, Daphne Gotlieb, Kim Stringfellow, Richie Unterberger, Lynn Rubenzer, and more. There are also poems and fiction throughout. Worth your time, and sure to last for a good solid week—or more—of reading. –M.Avrg (3345 20th St., SF, CA94110, [email protected])