Sep 22, 2009

Here is the second latest release from my moneybags friend, Derek of the infamous Soap and Spikes Empire. He snags not one but two superstar bands for one of his releases. His left testicle must be made of gold. He had a release with One Way System and now he has Special Duties and Violent Society on one release. The cover is glossy and in full color and can almost compete with the latest Britney Spears or Backstreet Boys release. If I ever save up some money, I need to see what hot digs this man who presides over a punk rock empire is living in. Oh shit, glossy insert too. Now he is trying to spoil the punk rock consumer. A little info of the bands that I can muster up: Special Duties first got things going in the early '80s in the UK and have reformed recently to keep the old school spirit alive. They perform two great tracks, one being a cover of the Adverts "Gary Gilmore's Eyes" that is as competent as the original. Violent Society started around 1990, or at least put out their first release that year according to their website. They give you three songs that include one cover of Special Duties' "Violent Society." The best release - by far - as in bands and packaging from this old man who refuses to give up on the original punk spirit.

 –don (Soap and Spikes)

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