SPAZZ: Crush Kill Destroy: LP

May 26, 2011

Reissue of the classic power violence band. Ironically, despite songs calling for “The Complete & Utter Eradication of All Generic Pop Punk” there’s a very Ramones quality to these guys; they’re relatively simple (when placed next to prog rock influenced stuff, at least), but damn if it’s not super tight, high energy thrash. Combine it with a goofy sense of humor (they do the between-song sound clips better than most), and you’ve got a great record by an overall really fun band. My one super nerdy complaint is I wish the LP came with a download code (as I wish I could listen to this on the train, and not just at home), but, overall, it’s a beautifully done release, apparently the first in a series, so hopefully there will be more/a lot easier to track down.

 –joe (625 Thrash, [email protected])

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