SPARE CHANGE #29: $2/trade, 8½” x 5½”, copied, 32 pgs.

May 07, 2015

Slice of life stories that focus, for the most part, on family, drinking, punk houses, and the pitfalls of partying like a mofo. It’s all typewritten, with very few graphics, and there’s a certain… distancing in the writing. Maybe it’s just the Courier font or the lack of any notable layout, but there’s a kind of detachment here that left me a little cold and made it difficult to get really wrapped up in these tales. I mean, the most striking thing here was when the guy received a call that his estranged wife had committed suicide the day before: it’s such a rough, potentially devastating thing to happen, but Foote deals with it with the same kind of distance and detachment that he seems to tackle all else in here. Twenty nine issues of a fanzine is pretty amazing, but this one needed a shot of some kind of energy that just didn’t seem to be there. –Keith Rosson (Rev. Thomas L. Foote, PO Box 6023, Chattanooga, TN37401)