SPARE CHANGE #23: $3, 5½” x 8”, photocopied, 40 pgs.

To raise revenue for a failing USPS, the author of this zine sees it as his duty to mail out those annoying, ubiquitous business reply mail cards. While he’s at it, he writes smart-ass comments where his address should go on the card and reprints them here. The results are short and hysterical, for instance, telling an aphrodisiac ad to “send more pictures of people fuckin’!” or asking Cemetery Space Pre-Purchase Program, “Wow, why would I want to pre-purchase cemetery space? I’m single with no dependents. When I die the taxpayers pick up the bill for my burial Ha, Ha, Ha…!” These replies are staggered between unrelated haikus which are also quite humorous. For example, his haiku “My Attention Span”: “people love to talk/jibber jabber and so on/some people listen” or take “The Larger Problem”: “I am in control/which is quite scary because/I am in control.” The collaboration of true wit in the haiku with the feigned stupidity of the business replies makes for a hilarious, fun zine. I would recommend reading this in small bites—in order to stretch the laughs out—but I found it difficult to do so. –Craven Rock (Spare Change, PO Box 6023, Chattanooga, TN37401)