SPANISH GAMBLE: It’s All Coming Down: CD

Sep 07, 2010

Well, this is another one of those bands that sounds like it must have been genetically engineered to play one of the second tier slots at The Fest. You know the recipe: a little bit Tiltwheel, a smidge of Leatherface and Dillinger Four, and a huge glop of Hot Water Music, all topped off with group vocals wherever they can be used. Usually, the results are less than their component parts, because I think exhaustion with this type of band is starting to set in. I’m having trouble keeping them all apart in my mind. As far as Spanish Gamble goes, they seem pretty competent and you can definitely do worse, but it’s getting hard for me to pick them out of a clutch of other similar bands to throw on.

 –Adrian (Paper + Plastick)