SPAM JAVELIN: How Can You Die When You’re Already Dead?: CDEP

Oct 28, 2015

Spam Javelin make hardcore punk the way it should be made: short, fast, and angry as fuck! Led by U.K. punk veteran Neil Crud on guitar and vocals, the band pulls no punches musically or lyrically. Musically, there’s a bit of a crossover vibe at points that would make “Fast” Eddie Clarke and Lemmy Kilmister proud, especially on the title track. (It’s sure to inspire furious dancing both on the dancefloor in front of the stage and at home in front of the stereo.) Lyrically, Spam Javelin takes on just about everything that Neil Crud is currently pissed at—from jerks with top knots, to “Ghetto Scum,” to other people’s wives—not much escapes his wrath. Spam Javelin also vie for the award for the most “fucks” dropped on a single CD, and not just on tracks like “Fuck Off,” “Fuck Your Wife,” and “Fucking Jerks.” Don’t take this to be a complaint, just a statement of fucking fact. You’ll likely be too busy moshing to notice; just don’t play this around your boss, or your mom.

 –Paul J. Comeau (Link2Wales,

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