SPACE WOLVES: III, IV, The First Year: Cassette

May 21, 2014

The First Year is a collection of all four previously released cassettes by Buffalo’s Space Wolves, including III and IV, so don’t mind if I do kill three birds here. The track listing looks and reads like Descendents’ Somery album replete with twenty-five songs about girls, ridiculously short songs, and short songs about girls. Although I’m positive that Space Wolves are fans of Milo and co., their sound is more comparable to low-fi garage and power pop than melodic punk rock. The vocalist at times sounds an awful lot like Morrissey, although I’m sure he doesn’t take himself nearly as seriously as the old suede head. The key to compiling four separate releases onto one cassette—and not making it an endurance test to listen to—is to keep the songs incredibly catchy. Space Wolves certainly hold up their end of that deal. Enough with these tapes, let’s get some vinyl pressed fellas!   –Juan Espinosa (UT,