SPACE RAFT: “Paper Airplanes” b/w “Iron Eagle”: 7″

I’ve dumpstered and freeboxed lots and lots of sixties and seventies rock and pop over the years. I kept the good stuff, but most of it’s gone right back out the door because it’s too clean, overproduced, soulless, and shitty. Layers of dust and scratches can’t dirty up their corporate rock sheen. I’m not sure what these guys are going for but they sound exactly like those rejects. So if youactually kept all those records and spend a lot of time spinning Supertramp, ELO, and REO Speedwagon, well, this is probably right up your alley. In the words of Sam The Eagle, “You are all weirdos!” 

 –Craven Rock (Dusty Medical, [email protected])