Sep 10, 2009

Now that the trend of surf guitar punk has been dead for about five years, only the bands who were truly inspired by guitar legends like Link Wray and Dick Dale still play it. That’s a good thing. No more of everyone and their brother trying to knock of the Ventures. Only the strong have survived. Only the dedicated will dare dip their feet into the surf. Among that short list of daring surf-guitar rockers are the Space Cossacks. They play uptempo, instrumental surf music along the line of Satan’s Pilgrims. There’s not a lot of flash or tricks to this album, but it’s solid rock’n’roll. Perfect for cruising along with the windows down. This CD is supposed to come with a bunch of pictures of band photos and a novella if you stick it in your CD-ROM, but I was too lazy to try to figure that out. It doesn’t matter. The music is enough.

 –sean (MuSick)