Jun 23, 2009

LPs are really the best format for splits. This split in particular is great because it shows the contrast between a really good pop-punk band and a somewhat mediocre one. The Valentines, for the first three songs, bored the crap out of me. Musically, they sounded like a cross between NOFX and Screeching Weasel without the driving tempo of the former and the hooks of the latter. Lyrically, their attempts at poetry were laughable at best. Song four, however, had a mighty hook, AND a driving tempo, AND the drummer broke out of the usual horse-gallop thing, and just when the bad poetry starts to annoy, they throw in the hook that got my attention in the first place and then the song is over. The potential is there, just not in the first three songs. Or the fifth one, for that matter. The Soviettes are another story entirely: hooky guitars, killer female vocals, and non-ass lyrics all the way through. The best comparison that I can think of would a poppier version of Bitchin’. These six songs are better than the ones on their more recent 7”. Buy this on vinyl and you’ll never have to listen to the Valentines. –Not Josh

 –guest (Pop Riot)

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