Yes, the Soviettes are on the cover. Yes, there’s a long interview in this issue, and man, I couldn’t be happier. Their two offerings are as great as anything that they’ve released. With the crazy powerful and assured triple vocals on “30 Min or Less,” how every instrument not only locks into another, but propels the entire mission, I think, “So, this is what the Go Go’s would have sounded with a dude drummer if Our Lips Are Sealed didn’t get such a thoroughly poppy mix. Rad.” Quite possibly one of the world’s funnest riots on wax. Confetti and defiance. The Havenot’s: They’d be perfect on a bill with Water Closet or The Urchin. They’ve got that mid-paced, “They’re Japanese. Are they speaking English? Yes. They’re really saying ‘the Boys are back to street’” thing down. It’s crunchy and Japanese-clean, but their proficiency doesn’t overshadow some cool songwriting flourishes and finger snapping dynamics that wouldn’t leave fans of the Replacements cold. Good job, great split. 

 –todd (Nice and Neat)