There’s a strict policy of not reviewing digital downloads of records. However, there’s also a stricter policy on “cover bands because you love them,” so when this collection of rare stuff went up for free online, I burned this shit to a CD-R and listened to it while walking to the park. That’s how much I love this band. It’s a neat collection as well. The early stuff is that classic rough-edged yet still catchy pop punk, almost like a lady-fronted D4 at times (Lane drummed on some of the early stuff). It makes me nostalgic of when I would go to shows on my own, before I really knew people, often listening to LP I on the way. It’s also neat to see how they branch out on some of the later stuff (like the Japanese song, or the “holy shit, that’s great” alternate opening track to LP III). There’s also an LP pressing of this, which I’ll hopefully acquire one way or another. In the meantime, I’m going to hope that there’s at least a few more reunion shows (I’m looking in your direction, Fest).

 –joe (Red Sound,