SOVIETTES, THE: [Rarities]: LP

Apr 29, 2016

As they state in their bio on the Fat Wreck website, The Soviettes are a four-piece comprised by three ladies and a member who “has a wang doodle.” [Rarities] provides a glimpse of The Soviettes before they became one of the most proficient and gleeful melody machines in punk alongside Marked Men and Toys That Kill. The record is a collection of early EPs, splits, and unreleased demos for LP III. Even on their first EP, the guitars crack like a whip, the doo-wop harmonies induce a sugar high, and the urgent tempos are pogo accelerants. Although part of [Rarities]is odds and ends, such as an instrumental and the alternative acoustic intro for LP III, a collection of rare Soviettes songs is undeniably a good thing. 

 –Sean Arenas (Dead Broke, / Rad Girlfriend,