Jun 29, 2007

God damn! I knew something was going to be good when I heard the opening chords. The first track has me hooked! This one comes right off the starting line and has me at attention. Track after track, it keeps my toes a tapping. As usual, I’m coming into the know a little late. Here I am at LP III and I haven’t heard the first two. I know the guys at Razorcake HQ have shown their affection for this band for awhile, but coming in late sometimes is a good thing when band has developed and become more focused in their sound down the line. Also, in this case, going to a bigger label also gives them more room to experiment and stretch their sound outside the box. Without a preconceived bias of what the band should sound like, I am more open minded on the music. I think that is what is happening here. So the first two tracks (“Multiply and Divide” and “!Paranoia Cha Cha Cha!”) reminded me of taking the rocking aspects of the Lunachicks mixed with dreamy melodies of the Dancehall Crashers. Track three (“Middle of the Night”) threw me for a loop and came off as Berlin or the Motels meets Charlotte Caffey’s onetime band, the Graces. It’s strong and punchy in a straight-up rock approach. I wouldn’t be surprised hearing this song on the radio for years to come. The rest of the album continues on with consistency. Great pop melodies with some grit to get your teeth chipped and wonderful vocal melodies that make me melt. This is so going to be in rotation in my car for a long time.

 –don (Fat)