SOVIET VALVES: Sight That Harms/Gaze That Harms: 7” EP

Nov 10, 2008

From Perth, Australia, angular, but groove-locked pop in the vein of Wire with smart songwriting. Adventuresome but not tedious. Arty, but low on pretension. The bright and crisp guitar work reminds me of best of The Church. Actually, all four songs take me to a weird place of early ‘80s indie mope pop—a land choked with ruffly shirts, big hair, and bigger egos (Crowded House, Cure, early INXS)—but the Soviet Valves are on a punk steamroller twenty years hence. In their vision, only the catchiest of riffs and melodies are left standing while all the extraneous and weaker stuff is just flattened. I like it quite a bit.

 –todd (Smartguy)