SOUTH CAREY: Pure Vanity: Cassette

Sep 19, 2013

The first thing that can be said about South Carey is that they really love their city and their scene. This is apparent both from their name (a major street in Baltimore), and from their lyrics. In addition to reflecting Baltimore pride, South Carey’s lyrics tackle perennial punk themes, with a bit of self-deprecating humor thrown in the mix. To my ears there are a variety of influences colliding together to form South Carey’s sound. Every song is catchy, with strong hooks, and a polished but still DIY sound. After repeated listens I can’t help but feeling a very strong ‘90s vibe from this. I imagine South Carey would have fit right in on a Punk-O-Rama, or other ‘90s-era compilation, had they been around at the time. I mean this as a high form of praise, as compilations were what first introduced me to punk. Pure Vanity features great cover art by Matt Taylor (Old Lines vocalist) which fits the vibe perfectly. I can sum up South Carey in their own words, from the Pure Vanity. “Make art for art’s sake.” Word to that.

 –Paul J. Comeau (Burn Fast Burn Bright)