SOUNDS OF THREAT: Creature of Habit: CD

Las Vegas, Nevada: desert city that obliterates energy resources, water resources, wallets, lungs, livers, and laws. Its only historical redeeming quality being the genesis of criminally overlooked punk band M.I.A. I hold a deep loathing for Las Vegas and its stale, dry, nosebleed-inducing forced air. Yet I visit annually, fourteen years running, for P.R.B. Glutton for punishment? Hardly. Just can’t resist competitive bowling (2010 champ!) and the great bands that B.Y.O. continually gets to play the thing. Anyway, there are apparently native Las Vegas punk bands, and Sounds Of Threat is one of them. Solid, straightforward punk rock, kind of reminiscent of the Randumbs, played as fast and loose as punks at a Blackjack table at 3:00 AM. So, yes, there is something for all the Vegas punx the other 361 days a year. 

 –Chad Williams (Squidhat)