SOUNDS LIKE VIOLENCE: With Blood on My Hands: CD

May 10, 2007

I don’t like to give out bad reviews. It takes some courage to send in a CD to a magazine where it can be ravaged and possibly break any illusions someone has about themselves. And it is the reviewer’s personal taste that rules how they are going to review your CD or record. But I feel that it is my responsibility as a reviewer to tell you, the consumer, what is good or sucks, so you don’t spend your hard earned money on something you shouldn’t. That said, I think this totally blows. I guess you’d categorize it as emo, with the shrill, trebly voice that goes into screaming when the singer is trying to sound really intense. The vocals are really banal and self-pitying. The music is fairly generic power pop/alternative/emo whatever (I don’t really think it’s worth going into too much depth trying to dissect it) with no real hooks, just some forgettable guitar lines. I even hate the name, too. I wish the band luck and hope this review doesn’t make them slit their wrists.

 –Jason Donnerparty (Deep Elm)