SOUND OF DISASTER: Lagar Och Forordningar: 7"

Jul 06, 2007

Some people may call this a fan club release. Some may even call this a bootleg. But what I could gather through the rumor mill is that this is a semi-legitimate release that had the blessing of one of the actual band members. So the story goes that an influential member of this legendary Swedish band did not want this 1983 demo to see the light of day, but an eccentric record collector had made contact with another member of the band and secured a copy with his blessing. So a gem has been unearthed and has been given life once again. All thirteen songs are contained here from the original demo. It has the distinctive early ‘80s Swedish buzz saw sound of bands from that time period. What may be construed as thin production recorded on a boombox constructs itself as an original sound and distinctive attack. At the time, you knew that this was definitely not from America. The first time I had heard bands like this twenty years ago, I knew I was hearing something special and different. It is so hard to recreate an era like this. I believe this has already gone out of print but many copies are still lingering around many mailorder distros. So if early Swedish hardcore is your thing, do some research and find a copy.

 –Doctor Strange (Georg Becker Schallplatten, No Address)