SOULSIDE: Live at 9:30 Club: 7”

May 21, 2014

Pity the Dischord band: if they get within a hundred feet of me at a show, potluck, or funeral, I’m gonna bombard ‘em with questions of the highest order of geekitude. This is my way of saying that I’m biased as hell and predisposed to like this one, recorded live in 1988. These cats pushed the boundaries of punk and emo (before it was codified or the word itself became a cuss), and this 7”, part of a Polish subscription club, preserves a typically bombastic performance. All this plus gorgeous packaging, featuring a pic of a garage show in California, with Zack De La Rocha right up front. Probably wildly unavailable, but give it a shot. 

 –Michael T. Fournier (Antena Krzyku, no address listed)