Oct 09, 2006

Although touted as a horror movie, and there are some hints at supernatural goings on, Sorum is essentially a drama where much goes on behind closed doors and things are not always what they seem. A young, affable taxi driver moves into a dilapidated apartment building and befriends a woman whose husband who likes to use her as a punching bag. When the woman’s husband dies and the taxi driver helps her bury the body in the hills out back, they begin an affair that highlights some of human nature’s darker corners. There are other subplots going on involving other tenants of the apartments, most involving the previous inhabitant of the taxi driver’s apartment and the past of the taxi driver himself, which complicate any quick, easy synopsis of the film, but interweave quite nicely into the main theme of the film. The “horror” aspects of the film, mostly rooted in the real world, usually involve mankind’s inherent need to do evil to his own kind rather than creaking doors and sheeted ghosts, and the docu-realism of the camera work lends the film an authenticity that makes the goings on that much more disturbing, not unlike the French film Man Bites Dog, but without the humor. Those looking for the shock horror of films like The Ring will be sorely disappointed, but those who like their drama dark and disturbing will no doubt find much to appreciate here. –Jimmy Alvarado (