SORRY STATE: No Hard Feelings: CD

Sep 19, 2013

I’ve known Sorry State’s vocalist Dave since the late ‘80s, when our respective bands were kicking up dust at assorted Eastside backyard punk shows. Dude has a long history of involvement in the L.A. punk scene—as singer of Last Round Up, he has shared a stage with danged near every band you can think of, and would occasionally pop up in the weirdest places (like the time I turned on the TV and caught him and bassist “Cyco” Mike Avilez (now of Bay Area punk institutions Retching Red, Strung Up and, of course, Oppressed Logic) guesting on The Wally George Show), not to mention his stint in the much-missed powerhouse band Media Blitz (not to be confused with that pack of San Fernando Valley new-Jacks using the name in recent years). By the sounds of this, his latest band, Dave remains as cantankerous as ever. He and his current cabal of sonic terrorists dish up twenty-seven tracks of no frills, pit-inducing hardcore here, keeping the songs tight, trimmed of excess fat, and appropriately aggressive as they gang-chorus through tunes about Gardena girls, life’s assorted pitfalls, and being loaded during the holidays. Coming on with the velocity of a locomotive, yet smart enough not to take themselves too fuggin’ seriously, these cats dish up a disc’s worth of stagediving hell-raising sure to work fans of hardcore into a froth. Tip my hat to you ‘n’ the boys, Dave; this is some fine work.

 –jimmy (Malt Soda)