SORRY EXCUSE: Self-titled: 7” EP

May 26, 2011

While the band keeps things at warp factor nine on this, their second release, they’ve included a cover ostensibly depicting someone shooting up and either dying or passing out, and have expanded their lyrical content to address betrayal-by-friend, work sucking, not being heard making them angry, adultery getting them down, and more betrayal-by-friend lamentations. I really don’t wanna sound like I’m taking a swipe at the whole straight edge thing—drink, don’t drink, I really don’t give a fuck—but add a Jesus in here and there to all the finger wagging and pontificating and you’ve got all the makings of textbook bible-thumpin’ mentality. In short, the music’s much more interesting without the lyrics cribbed from worst bits of long out of print SS Decontrol records.

 –jimmy (Lifeline)

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