SORRY EXCUSE: Listen with Prejudice: 7” EP

May 27, 2011

As can be guessed with a cover that, save for the band’s name and EP title, is covered with Xs, its sides labeled “X” and “XX,” and its stereotypical lyrical references to wolf packs, drugs ‘n’ booze, lung cancer, drunk drivers, and being fucked over by friends, what you get here is über-fast nth-generation straight edge bro-core with lyrical content that could pass for southern Christian school top-40 fodder if it weren’t for all the slam-banging they dish out. To their credit, they keep things “old school” by refraining from the metal wankiness that plagued later period straight edge stuff, but using lines like, “I’m not here to preach or tell you what to do” and then doing just that not only in the same song but on nearly every other song on here, is one of those things that bored me by ‘83.

 –jimmy (Sorry Excuse, [email protected])