Jul 13, 2006

I dig this album. And the epiphany of why I dig this band came while I was brushing my teeth listening to them one morning. Duh, they have a very similar sound to One Man Army. And I love One Man Army. And although the band is comparable to OMA and Swingin Utters, it’s not in that nauseating, get your own identity kind of way. It’s just good, solid punk rock that you can’t help but rock out to. (Even early in the morning, when you want to throw your alarm clock out the window.) Good melodies, scratchy-sexy vocals, good riffs, and interesting lyrics. These San Francisco/Oakland dudes have won me over. There album rocks. The vocals are infectious and it doesn’t hurt that the lyrics are poignant and come across very honest as they cover topics of heartbreak, failure, the love of music and touring, immaturity, and simply the strife of growing older. Personal favorites: “You or Me,” “Listen Up,” “Nowhere California,” “Flush,” and “True Hope.”

 –jenny (Radio)