SORCERESS: Cum in My Kitchen: 7” single

Definitely influenced by ‘70s proto punk, and while that’s a much used and abused genre, Sorceress do a pretty damn good job of making it sound fresh and alive. They throw in some glam rock influences for that extra zing. Doing so raises the songs head and shoulders above the groping bands who think they’re the next Heartbreakers. The title track is fuggin’ great. I think it’s the straightforward drumming that makes it work. Could be the riff? Maybe a combo of both. But gawddamn, this song is a cooker. The structure is simple and they repeat the lyrics over and over, working up the frenzy with each pass. So damn good. I felt a little lost when it was over. Like, “Hey, come back. We’re just getting started here!” The flipside, “Young, Doomed & Fine” shifts down in mood to something like a Sunday morning hangover balm. The sort of music you put on to slowly ease yourself into the day. The delivery is all swagger and bluesy. I hear a bit of T-Rex just underneath the surface. I like the changeup at the end, as it picks up the pace and gives the songs a bit more life. You would be very wise to grab this record from the bins the next time you’re at your local record peddler.

 –M.Avrg (Puta!, [email protected],