SOPORS: Sopors Sopors Sopors: 7”EP

Jan 23, 2012

Ah, Quaaludes. Methaqualone. Gotta watch your doses with this stuff. They were called wallbangers for a reason. In ‘66 there were no re­strictions on the number of times the prescription could be refilled and authorities saw no need to monitor it. They saw no evidence of abuse potential. How wrong they were. When the label on the bottle fits, push down and turn the cap…. In 2011, four guys from the Bay Area play music that is simultaneously all over the place and fevered into focus. Where Thee Makeout Party thrilled in the sunshine, Sopors celebrate the mist, uncertainty, and cold dampness of fog. This is both mud and gold; sticky footsteps that reverberate in slow shockwaves. It’s sedative-hypnotic and I’m down. “Dude, I’m staring at your footprints slowly fill in. No, dude, really, look at this....”

 –todd (Margin Mouth,