SOOTHE: To Prove Our Existence, We Play This Music. To Prove That We Are Alive, We Sing : 7"

Jul 21, 2009

Soothe has to be the most ironic band name going, because what they play is anything but soothing. It’s a sonic assault of distortion and feedback and noise. But it’s really well-managed noise. In fact, I haven’t heard noise managed this well since Godhead Silo. It’s not really fast, but it plods out heavy and mean like Godzilla hunting down King Kong for the first ever monster movie title bout. On top of it all, a woman named Chippe screams, not looking for a melody or a song anywhere, but digging deep inside of her and letting it all out before she has time to understand it. This seven inch reminds me of Soothe’s other noisy Japanese counterpart, Bleach(mobile), and when I listen to this record, in my mind, I can see Bleach(mobile) going nuts in a live show at Mr. T’s. And then I start hoping that Soothe somehow puts together a tour of the US, so I can go see them and, well, be anything but soothed.

 –sean (Devour)