Soon the Rest Will Fall: By Peter Plate, 169 pgs. By Joe

Jan 16, 2007

I’m always interested in why I get what I get to review, so when I got this, I narrowed it down to three possibilities. In this case, I can’t figure out whether the editorial staff thinks I’m a delinquent, really boring, or that I quote too much television and need to read more. This is a story of two cellmates who have fallen in love, and happen to both be getting paroled at nearly the exact same time, just before Christmas. However, the kickers are that a.) One of them is married, with a child, b.) They both have different ideas on where the relationship’s going to go from there. You get the idea. All in all, it’s almost a Kubrick-esque story, mainly because I couldn’t help but dislike the main character for good portions of the story (at times repeatedly shouting things like “Dude, you just got out of prison on parole, why would you think running over a cop is a good idea?” in my head), though I have to say, I kind of liked that a little bit. All in all, it’s an interesting story told amongst a vivid picture of California. –Joe Evans III (Seven Stories Press, 140 Watts, NY, NY 10013)

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