Jun 23, 2009

Another serving of Texas bar-punk (kinda like a less-memorable Lazy Cowgirls, but more Flaming Groovie-ish) from this seemingly immortal outfit, fronted by a guy appropriately fossilish enough that i'd like to think his worldview has "punk" starting with Mouse & The Traps or the Thirteenth Floor Elevators, and continuing unabated in a straight line thru the Hates and Dicks and Mullens and whoever the fuck else – ongoing and eternally continuous, with no weird detours or asterisked subgenres – and power to him. I don't think this one's as good as Hits for the Misses – their best, although to be honest i've never heard anything truly spectacular by them – but i always kinda thought this band's appeal was designed to be appreciated best live in a smoky barroom drinking cold longnecks of Pabst™ (or inferior local equivalent) on a hot summer night anyway. Rock on. BEST SONG: "Digging Your Own Grave" BEST SONG TITLE: "Snake People" (in a related matter, i have decided that "proximity to rattlesnakes" is why when non-Texans put percussion devices such as maracas and shakers in a song, it comes off as fey and effete production frippery, but when Texans do it, it sounds mean and ass-kicky-like) FANTASTIC AMAZING TRIVIA FACT: Singer is wearing paisley shirt. Please make a note of it.

 –norb (Suprema)

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