SONS OF CYRUS: Rock&Rollercoaster: CD

Nov 10, 2008

Man, what did I do to deserve all the great review stuff this issue? Brother Todd Taylor is welcome at the Cultural Ambassador’s dinner table any night of the week! Sons of Cyrus have an undeniable appreciation for Radio Birdman, most noticeably in their vocal stylings, though the Peepshows come to mind, too. The music varies from ‘60s-inspired tunes reminiscent of the Monkees and Woggles (“Switzerland” and “Running Too Slow”) to the aforementioned Birdman (“One of a Kind”) to a song that would please even the most diehard member of the Turbojugend (“Straight to Hell”). Track five, “Begging Me for More,” is the album’s triumph, a perfectly put together barn burner featuring the pitch perfect guest vocals of Alicja Trout. Rock&Rollercoaster makes me want to sprint around to the front of the line and take another ride.

–benke (Big Brothel/ Dead Beat)