SONOROUS GALE: Two’s a Crowd: LP

Nov 24, 2009

It took me a while to get to this review, because I wasn’t sure exactly what I thought about the record. I listened to it a couple of times but I was still unsure how I felt about it. In the end, I am glad I waited to review it, because it fits my mood much better now. It’s kind of sludgy and slow (with occasional sped-up parts), and more instrumental than not. Made up of two gents from upstate New York, the band also has a guest female vocalist on a couple tracks, which I like a lot. Strangely, the (regular) singer’s voice sometimes reminds me of Greg Dulli from Afghan Whigs. The bass is really nice. The songs—my favorite of which is “Clandestiny”—don’t sound very happy to me. I’m not sure if they constitute a gale, but they’re definitely brewing and brooding. The lyrics are dense and will take a few reads, I think, before I have a better handle on them. There’s a great picture on the sleeve of the band carrying an amp up a flight of stairs. I will listen to this more.

 –Jennifer Federico (Wrong Foot)